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    PayPal and Live Cycle Forms


      I have a calculated "Total Amount" field on a Live Cycle generated form.  I would like to take that calculated value and export it to our payment pages on PayPal's secure online network.  On our website, we simply add some code to the page and, when clicked, the button takes you into PayPal's secure pages.  Is there a way to accomplish this in a Live Cycle generated form?  Do I convert the html code into xml?


      Please help - I am a novice user and, although I am learning quite a bit, I still have miles to go in this program.    We are a small not-for-profit organization with very limited resources. Any and all help will be appreciated.  Thanks very much.

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          Kevin Cavallo Level 4

          Dan, I've been thinking about this.  A couple of questions about your form. First, have you tested the submit form email functions, and does it work properly?  Second, do you have the ability to build a web page that can redirect to PayPal when it's accessed?


          I'm thinking that we can modify your form to use script behind a regular button rather than the stock email button.  First the script would fire off an email, then it would redirect to the url of the web page that you build, which can forward to PayPal.  If you need info from the form it can be included in the url as a parameter and the web page can grab it.


          Another idea would be to go directly to PayPal from the form, without the web page middleman, but I don't know what is done behind the scenes on your web site to get there.


          First, I'd like to make sure that changing the email method still works the same way as the old method of using the email button.