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    PE 7.0 - Problems uploading to YouTube using Share


      I've recently run into a problem upload a clip to YouTube (a process I've been through many times before) susing the PE Share to Online Service. In the uploading step I get an Error dialog box saying "Online Services has encountered an error. The service will now be terminated or paused if possible.

      10: Unable to send HTTP request with

      =GetLastError of 12002"


      there is an OK button, and when pressed brings up another Error dialog box saying "An error has occured transferring files, would you like to try again, stop the workflow and try again later, or completely terminate this service completely?" There are 3 buttons, "Try Again", "Try Again Later" and "Cancel".


      I've tried the Try Again and Try Again Later buttons numerous times, but the upload doesn't complete.


      I've been trying to get this upload done for 4 days now. No problems have been reported on the YouTube site.


      I've rebooted my system several times to clear out anything that may be lingering.


      Any suggestions would be helpful.