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    Debugging error


      When debugging I recieve following pop-up:


      When looking for this file "LIBRARY>>INTERNET PLUG_IN" I can find this file!  What's wrong?!


      Thanks a lot for helping!!

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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6

          This happens a lot when using Flex Builder 3 and on the same machine Flash Builder 4 beta.


          It can also happen when you use Flex Builder 3 on the same machine as Flash Authoring.


          Just download the Flash Player 9 and 10 debug versions from this web site and reinstall the version the message box indicates should be installed.




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            bertbaeck Level 1

            Hi Greg,


            Thanks for your answer...


            Your first solution is not likely is assume. There is no FlasH builder 4 beta on my MAC.


            Your second solution might be the one for me . I have to check this hypotesis. 

            I am just going to repeat your answer just to be sure i do it the right way.


            1. Install Flash Player 9 and 10 debug versions

            2. Uninstall Adobe Flex Builder 3

            3. Reinstall Adobe Flex builder


            Thanks in advance,



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              Hi Greg Lafrance

              I tried your solution but it was not work.

              im using flex builder 3 pro, and im working on actionscript project, wwhen im try to debugg the project it showes the launching progress bar, last it sayes failed to connect; session timed out.

              when im not using the internet connection a dialog box come up sayes to download the new version of flash player.

              but when i connected the progress bar shows.


              debugger problem.png



              so i tried to uninstall the flex builder and then install the flashplayer_10_ax_debug, then reinstall the flex builder but not working.

              by the way i did install the FlashBuilder before flex but i faced same issue. so plz help me on this

              and thanks alot