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    My biggest pet peeve about Photoshop

    Navarro Parker Level 3

      I know this has been posted previously. Add another to make this request happen!


      Here's my biggest pet peeve about Photoshop:


      I'm currently working on Layer A. I select Layer B in the layer palette, then select the move tool (v). I move the layer in XY (not layer order). I release the mouse.  I don't like where I put it, so I hit Undo. (Or step backward in the history)


      Photoshop resets Layer B's position, but then it also reselects Layer A! No, stay with Layer B! I just want to move it again! This is especially annoying when I have 100+ layers and Layer A is at the top and Layer B is down at the bottom of the stack.  I have to scrollscrollscroll to get back down to Layer B.


      Is there any way to "fix" this? Shouldn't the History Palette record what a layer selection as an step? To me, it seems Undo is really taking TWO steps back (reset layer XY position and reselect previously selected layer).