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    CS4 multicamera video stops durring live cuts


      Hi, I recently upgraded toCS4 while cutting 4 camera (HD 1080i60) the video in both progran and multi-camera windows along with timeline stops changing.  I can stop and start again but the space bar has to be cycled three times to start, the stop and play buttons change but nothing happens. Also sometimes the space bar starts rendering instead of playing.  I have seen so comments about bug in multicamera but I am wondering if something in my hardware may be lagging, my computer builder talked me out of the raid.

      My system is new as follows: XP Pro Service Pack 3


      Intel Core Quad CPU
      2.67GHZ 3GB RAM ( 2- 2GB sticks )
      HD C: 75GB (19.7 free) programs
             F: 500GB (169 free) project location
             G: 1TB (302 free) source video files


      Nvidia 8800GTS 320MB  1280 X 960
      latest driver (11/20/2009 -
      dual view mode on two Samsung SyncMaster 2232ew


      When I got what I thought was an upgrade (as speced' by Adobe sales) it did not overwright the CS3 as expected so I still have both available, thought I would keep CS3 untill up to speed on CS4.


      Any input would be appriciated.