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    Faded colors when capturing HDV in PE8?

    AspIsFun Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      i have two problems with PE8 i hope someone can help me with.


      I have a Sony HDR-HC3 HDV camcorder and want to import the video into PE8. The import works fine but the preveiw before i capture is "jerky" (have no better word). I have set the project to HDV 1080i 25 frames / sec. And the camera records in 1080i. Then the capture is done the video quility is really good but the colors are very faded. No life in the colors at all. If i look at the movie in the cam the colors are fine. And in the preview mode before capturing the colors are ok. 


      So my questions are.

      How do i set the preveiw window so it dont get it jerky/streaky before i capture?

      How do i get the colors correct then i capture the movie?



      Sony HDR-HC3 (firewire)



      Intel Core I7 920

      6 GB Ram

      Nvidia Geforce GTS 250

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          Kodebuster Level 3

          To address the jerky preview you need to first render the video.


          This can be done via the File Menu, or with the Video on the Timeline, Click on the video to highlight, then press the Enter Key.


          Let's also see if the Render helps at all with the color, at the least, lets get the jerky video corrected, and we'll go from there...

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            I don't know which utility you're using to capture your HDV, but it shouldn't change the files in any way! Premiere Elements and capture utilities like HDV Split merely encapsulate the HDV video data as .mts files without changing the data itself.


            So it could just be that your computer isn't displaying the colors as vividly as you your camcorder. But if that utility is truly changing things like color information, it might not be the best utility to use to capture from this camcorder. (If you are capturing to the right format and you're using the right project set-up, you also should not need to render the video until you've added effects to it.)


            HDV Split is free and captures HDV video in a format perfectly compatible with Premiere Elements.

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              AspIsFun Level 1

              Hi again,


              thanks for trying to help. One problem maybe is solved. I tested to plug in the camera via HMDI direcly to my projector and the colors are the same, faded and washed out. But if i look in the little camcordor screen the colors are ok. Can i do something wrong with the output from the camera? But i can't do that many settings? Just output HDV via ilink (firewire) but no other settings.


              The jerky, zebra type of look is still a problem. I use PE8 to make the capture. The jerky image quality is just then i look at the movie in PE8 capture preview mode. I mean before i make the capture. But this is maybe just the they it is? When the capture is done it looks really great, except the washed out colors .

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                Yes. I think that is just the way it is.


                All that matters is the video data once it's saved to your hard drive.


                Meantime, you may want to check out your camcorder and see if there are other settings for its lighting and white balance. It is apparently shooting a poorly colored picture. You won't be able to change the output (unless you make color adjustments to every clip in Premiere Elements -- which you don't really want to have to do.) But you should be able to adjust how the camcorder shoots.


                Sonys, in particular, usually shoot excellent color -- especially with good lighting.

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                  AspIsFun Level 1

                  I tried to do as you said and adjust the colors in PE8 with Auto color balance and the colors are much better.


                  So maybe it depends on the setttings in the camcorder. Does the quality of the tape has any impact on the recorded material? Its digital so it doesn't matter? I tried a HD video tape from Sony and in my eyes a ordinary DV tape works better. Maybe you can set what kind of tape it is? Or maybe its just me who are a bad camera men? .


                  The movie i try to capture is from outside in the summer  so it should look really great. In the cam it does. But i guess it's me who can't handle the camera. Any tips for best recording? Inside and outside.

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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    As I said, you can check your camcorder settings -- but if you're shooting in good light, your results should be very good.


                    And, yes, you're right. The video information is digital so the quality of the tape itself has nothing to do with how rich your color is. It's purely a function of the camcorder's electronics.


                    My advice would be to leave it as is. It's probably better than you think.


                    Or you can burn a test DVD to see how it looks on your TV.