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    import youtube video into premiere pro CS4, and playback on PC issue


      Hi all,


      I've seen a lot of threads on exporting a video to youtube, but my problem is importing to CS4 and exporting to play on a PC.  That is, my goal is to edit a video downloaded from youtube, and watch the finished video on my PC.  I don't care what format it is in, as long as it plays on windows media player.  I have windows 7, and use CS4.


      First of all, when I download a youtube video, it is an flv format, 320x240, 25fps (at least the few videos I downloaded were like that).  When I import this video into premiere, using the same project settings as the video (320x240, 25fps), the preview from the timeline is blurry AND scrunched to half the preview screen (even after rendering).  Now here's the kicker.  I've tried exporting the video in all kinds of formats, and it seems regardless of what format, and settings, the result is a video that is noticably burrier than the original video!   While it's exporting, the video preview looks sharp, but when it's done exporting and I play the result, it looks terrible! 


      I've played around with different formats, and various settings (de-interlacing, interlacing, etc.), but the result is always worse than the original video.  I've even tried 1st converting the youtube video into other formats with ANyVideoConverter (mpeg1, mpeg2, avi, wmv,mp4, etc.), and it helps a little, but does not resolve the issue.  converting to mp4 seemed to work the best so far. Interesting that a free basic program like AnyVideoConverter can convert the youtube video to another format, and the result is a sharp video (same as the source) before editing it with CS4.   And premiere CS4, a professional editing suite, is having a huge problem with this.  Please tell me I'm missing something basic.  Also, I could not find any setting that says YouTube, unless that's what H.264 is.