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    accordion not rendering properly

      hi there,

      i have an odd situation. i create an accordion using script and add children to it according to return data from my db.
      the children are vbox's that contain a button and a datagrid each. all of which is created and assigned using script.

      the bug/error i am getting happens when i exceed 10 accordion items. and it is very difficult to describe. what appears to happenis that the excess items get rendered starting slightly above the already rendered 10 and then overlapping them. and then, when you click any of the accordion items (none open by default to start as they do when there are less than 10) the excess items start to move down or up and the accordion item that was clicked does not open.

      i am posting the function which is called when data is recieved from the server. this is where the accordion gets populated. please assume that variables used have been defined in the script block above this function. there is just so much excess stuff, that it is easier to only post the function.
      i am not sure if it will make much sense, but am hoping that if there is an obvious problem with how i do things, it'll be easy to see.

      thanks a mil',