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    File type m2t is choppy during playback




      I've read many post on choppy playback for different file types but not found many solutions to the problems.


      My Story:

      I have Pr CS4 running on Windows 7 x64. PC Spec Quad Core 2.5G, 4G DDR2 RAM + Onboard Geforce 7100 (Dedicated RAM for this card).


      I attempt to play raw m2t files through Pr source and timeline windows without any modification... using the default window layout. The results are choppy video with audio playing fine. This is like many other people but not seen anyone with this issue using m2t as far as I've searched. AVCHD is causing many issues and it looks like the same problems.


      I have a work around that helps but is not ideal though. If I reduce the playback window to 25% it works fine. Audio and video in sync as far as I can tell... but thats the problem, it's a little to small for me.


      My question is like many others - does anyone know what could be causing this? I've read that Pr CS4 itself is causing the issue... This may be true as I've played back at full screen via VLC and windows media player. I've also renamed the files to mpeg as someone suggested but that gave me the same results.


      The kicker is that I've run the same files under a WinXP OS on the same system (32bit version so less RAM available!) and I have no problems. That makes me think it could be to do with a codec installed on XP. I had ffdshow installed on XP and also a few others. I briefly tried ffdshow on Win7 but it installs under the x86 program folder and doesn't seem interested when launching Pr, unlike when launching under XP.


      So, I'm stuck. If anyone has a magic codec out there that possibly sorts this issue out please share . Does anyone think it's WIN7 specific? I've read recently that adobe fully support Pr under WIN7 now so surely this is not the norm?


      Does anyone else know of a free HD capture tool that captures in a different format? I've used HDVSplit recently due to the scene split function that Pr doesn't supply under HD (btw....Why!?!?!?)


      Hope I find some answers soon