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    wierd font when pdf goes to printer


      I have a user who can view PDF's using adobe acrobat reader 9.2/windows xp pro sp3. when he goes to print, it shows up either blank or with a different font that makes it unreadable. where does adobe acrobat reader store its font settings? I have uninstalled and reinstalled the adobe products but that did not make a bit of difference.

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          ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are you creating the PDF?


          Sounds like the font information isn't being embedded in the PDF and they don't have the exact font on their machine so it is being substituted. There is no way to change the font substitution info in Reader as far as I am aware.


          Best you can do is ask whomever created the PDF to embed font info (at least the subsets) and resend the PDF. It's good practice anyhow.

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            solutionseeker Level 1

            It is not created by the user but mostly received thru e-mail. I'm not sure if resending is the solution because other recieptients of the same document can read and print. Also the user sends the document to me and I print it on the same printer and it is fine. when the user views it , it is fine but cannot print it.