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    Adobe Reader wants to open everything


      A friend had me look at her Vista PC.  She had about 20 icons on her desktop, and about 16 of them had the familiar Adobe Reader icon, instead of their normal icons.  Whenever one of those icons would be selected we would get a message that Adobe reader could not open the file,  Almost anything we selected brought up that message -   Interner Explorer, msconfig, Windows Explorer, System Restore, MS Word, AVG  to name a few of the many.  I even went to Start/Run and entered  the path for rstrui.exe, and got the same result.


      Task manager DID work, and every time we would get one of those messages, we could see that Acrord32.exe was running.  We could kill that process, but it would just pop up next time we tried to open almost anything.


      I ultimately uninstalled all Adobe products from her PC, and everything went back to working normally.  However, she's a school teacher and need Adobe reader for her job, so the next day I went back to her place, went to Adobe's site and downloaded the newest version of Adobe Reader.


      All her icons reverted back to the Adobe Reader picture and we, once again, could not open anything.  So I again uninstalled the reader, saw that the icons were correct, and that everyhing worked as it should.


      How do I fix this so she can have Adobe Reader back on her PC?