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    What circumstances would generate Netstream.Play.Complete event?


      Can anyone please elaborate on what circumstances would trigger this Netstream.Play.Complete event other than the video ending.


      I have a RMTPE  Streaming Video Application which for just only 2 users seems to be getting the Netstream.Play.Complete event once they have watched a video for only a minute, so it thinks it has ended. I can't recreate the error, but I have seen it happen repeatedly on the client machines only. So any ideas or answers are welcome.


      I don't really know how the event comes about as documentation doesn't say anythin about the hows. Is it from the streaming server or is it something that the FLVPlayer determines by itself?


      Is it a client side or server side thing?


      Could the user somehow do something to generate that event. At least if i could force the event then I could be in a better position to debug.


      Adobe have been ridiculously poor in assisting or giving an answer for what is in effect their own product API. Surely a simple question like what could possibly trigger an event shouldn't be this difficult to answer for an adobe moderator?