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    Opacity problem w/QuickTime Export & Max Render Depth

    Jay Kinghorn

      I've run into a very curious problem exporting from PP CS 4.2.1 to QuickTime via Adobe Media Encoder 4.2.0 in Mac 10.5 on an Intel MacPro tower. When I export the video 720p footage with corresponding sequence settings through AME at full size, the video appears as though it is only 50% opaque with black showing through. If I export at smaller than the native size, uncheck Max Render Depth or Export to Flash Video through AME, the picture quality is normal. I've had this problem consistently with the following Codecs (Animation, ProRes HQ, PhotoJPEG, Motion JPEG A). For each, I'm exporting at 1280x720, Progressive scan, Square pixels and there are no filters enabled.


      Why would checking Max Render depth cause this problem? Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I've attached a photo for reference.





      Opacity problem.jpg