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    Adobe Premiere Elements 8


      Hi Expert. I recently downloaded a trial version. But I cannot use it. Every time when I uploaded the video and tried to edit with Edit VIDEO, but it just scaned the whole thing and nothing had come up after the running was completed. I wanted to use the feature of adding the title, adding the effects etc.

      Can anyone let me know why I cannot seen anything. Does it mean that I am using the trial version. Appreciate it!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          First, you need to Import the video Asset into a New Project, set up to match the source footage, i.e. your captured video and audio. You are probably still in the Organizer, that just shows what AV Assets you have on the computer.


          On the main forum screen, there is a link to the FAQ's section (to the right), and in it, Steve Grisetti has posted some tips on running PrE 8.


          He also has some great books on the subject, covering all aspects of editing with PrE, at the Muvipix site. Since there is no manual, per se, those books are excellent at getting you started and editing.


          Good luck,



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            Dodge-do Level 1

            Thank you for your reply! I cannot start the application. The screenshot

            below is what I have done so far. Appreciate for your great support! Below

            is what I have done so far:


            1. Start the application. Start from File - New -  Premiere Elements Video

            Project  (attachment  image 1)


            2.  After selecting this, the system keeps running the premier 8 (the same

            process when we first start the application) and then resumes the same black




            If I open my existing video and want to edit it, it doesn't work at all.  I

            have tried some other video software and don't have this problem. Since I am

            very interested in this product, we will decide to purchase it if the

            testing is fine. Please let me know what other manual I can refer to!

            Appreciate it!

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              Dodge-do Level 1

              Please delete my name and address from  your site. I received your email and I just replied to it from my OUTLOOK. Please delete them immediately!!! Appreciate it!!!

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                Until someone replies to your reply, you can use the Edit button at the bottom of your reply to do the editing. After someone replies to that post, only someone with the MOD console (Steve Grisetti here) can alter it. It's a good thing to delete all personal info. I would immediately click on that Edit button, and just Delete it all.


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                  Dodge-do Level 1

                  I think something is wrong with this application I have downloaded. I cannot start the application. Even though I tried to work on it, but it still does not work. As I said after I selected NEW PROJECT, nothing happens.

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                    nealeh Level 5

                    There are no image attachments. Presumably you deleted them when sorting out your Outlook problem. Please upload them again.


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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      I never did find the attachment, just the e-mail signature that contained the personal data. I think that the attachment needs to be uploaded again.



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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                        It could be that you got a buggy download. But chances are that it would not have installed at all if you had.


                        You can try uninstalling and reinstalling to see if that fixes your problem.


                        Otherwise, let us know your system specs -- how fast your processor is, how much RAM you have, how much free space is on your hard drive and what operating system you're using -- so we can try to figure out why you're having problems.


                        Meantime, have you gone to Windows Update and manually downloaded even the non-critical updates? And have you ensured you have the latest version of Quicktime?

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          Hello Steve,


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