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    Can't See Flash Paper Document

    SEspider Level 1

      First, my appologies if this has been mentioned before. I couldn't find it so I posting it.


      I just installed Flash Paper2. Converted a Word document to PDF and draged it to Flash Paper2's window. It loaded fine. I then saved it as a SWF.

      It looks great. The load it into a page via Dreamweaver. The preview test looks winderful.


      I Upload all the required files online for the public to view it. But nothing comes up. Instead it says I need a new version of Flash Player (which I already have. That was Friday. Today, I have a white box in FireFox. And in IE, it's the same white box, but now the original (non-Flash Paper) Flash at the top is missing as well.


      To make matters use, a very simple Flash SWF I've made dozens of times is now not loading. It also says I need to update. But I Already Did! This simple flash is just three flyers that swap places every 100 frames. No reason for it to need updateing. The Flash I created (in the exact same program) still works on the page, but not the new one.


      What's going on?! I can see Flash Paper SWFs and normal SWFs just fine on other sites. Just not the one I'm working on.


      Here the link to the Flash Paper page:



      Please help.