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    Cannot Open Document; Illegal Operator


      Hi everyone.


      I'm experiencing a strange problem with Illustrator CS4. I've just completed a project in Illustrator CS4 and find that I am not able to open the file. Here's the scenario: I create an Illustrator document… let's call it Document_01. But before I close the document, I choose Save As and rename as "Document_02" and save it on an external drive. So now, Document_01 is no longer open, but Document_02 is. Then, I choose Save As again and rename as "Document_03" and save to yet another volume. Now I have three copies of the file, and only Document_03 remains open. Then I choose "Open" and direct Illustrator to Document_01 and click "Open" and I'm greeted with this lovely little error message which says "Cannot open the illustration. The illustration contains an illegal or misplaced operator." I click the OK button on the warning dialog and what appears to be a blank Illustrator document opens up. In fact, it doesn't matter which of the various duplicate documents I try to open… all of them will give me the same error and I cannot open any of them successfully.


      The project is one of a series of illustrations, all of which contain essentially the same elements created from an .ait file. In the past several days I've created 3 other (different, not copies of this latest one) documents from the same template as part of the same project and I'm able to open any of those with no problem.


      I have run Disk Utility on my startup volume and have trashed Illustrator's preferences but nothing has changed.


      Please offer any suggestions you can and thank you very much.