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    Using an option box with a calculation




      I have a calculation question for the group.  I am trying to calculate creatinine clearance.  Seems easy, but im getting stuck at the end.


      creatinine clearance is : ((140-age)*weight (kg))  / (72*Scr)

      Women are multiplied by 0.85 to get the final creatinine clearance result


      I have a box for age, weight, and scr and the user enters the number.


      Where I am getting stuck at is the end...I have an option checkbox for women so that the result is multiplied by 0.85.  I thought something like this might work...but to no avail.


      var crcl2
      crcl2 = (140 - this.getField('age').value) * (this.getField('weight').value) / (72 * this.getField('cr').value);

      var crcl3
      function validate(carbbox)
      if (carbbox.checked == 1)
      crcl3 == crcl2 * 0.85;
      crcl3 == crcl2;


      Im kinda new at this obviously....any help would be really appreciated.


      thanks, chris

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Problem 1: You're not calling the function anywhere in this code, just

          defining it.

          Either drop the function definition, or call it from somewhere.

          Problem 2: You're using the comparator (==) instead of the value assign (=)

          operator in two places.

          Problem 3: You're using "else" without placing the code before it in a block

          (by placing curly brackets around it).


          There are probably more, but that's the ones I see now...

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            gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Unless you are repeating the calculation in the function at multiple places with different values or want a library type funciton that could be adeed to other forms, use of the function may not be needed.



            event.value = ''; // assume calculation not performed
            // perform calculation if divisor is not zero
            if (this.getField('cr').value != 0) {
               // adjustment for gender
               var adjGender = 1;
               if (if(this.getField("carbbox").value == 1) {
                  adjGender = 0.85; // adjustment for female gender
                  } // end adjustment for gender
               // compute creatinine clearance
               event.value = (140 - this.getField('age').value) * ( this.getField('weight').value) / (72 *
               this.getField('cr').value)  ) * adjGender;
            } // end of computation