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    QT videos do not play in Director 11.5


      I am creating a study with 15 short (2min) videos and I can neither get Director to play a QT straight out nor can I seem to figure out how to get the program to pick a video by cuing the video name in a list.


      This is the behavior I created

      -- pick stimulus1


      global trialNum, stimIdentity1
      global Stim1, Stim2, Stim3, Stim4, Stim5, Stim6, Stim7, Stim8, Stim9, Stim10, Stim11, Stim12, Stim13, Stim14, Stim15


      on enterFrame
        stimIdentity1 = word 1 of line trialNum of field "StimSet1"
        sprite(1).visible = True
        sprite(1).playRate = 1
        countTime = _system.milliseconds
        repeat while _system.milliseconds < 3000       
        end repeat
        sprite(1).visible = False
      on exitFrame

           go to the frame +1 


      I'd appreciate any help