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    Ftp new file and directory permissions

    Allen Gambrell Level 1

      I am writing a plugin that uploads images to a ftp server after they are created. The server has a web interface that can be used to delete the images later when needed. My problem is that the web interface cannot delete the images.


      Any folders created by the web interface have chmod 777 whereas any folders created by Lightroom have chmod 755.

      Any images by the web interface have chmod 666 but the lightroom uploaded images have 644.


      This means that the folders and images uploaded by the ftp command in Lightroom do not have the group write permission. Because of this the web interface cannot delete the files, i think.


      Is there any way that I can change these folder and image permissions with Lightroom? This is a major problem for me.


      Also why doesn't the uploaded files and created folders automaticly have the permissions of the parents? This is the way it is when I create a folder in filezilla.