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    Error: attribute "page-map" not allowed at this point

    Vikas Jadhav

      Hi All,


      When I validate epub package having page-map.xml.

      An error is displayed; "filename.epub/package.opf(40): attribute "page-map" not allowed at this point"


      Page-map XML is used to avoid synthesized page numbers (displayed by ADE on its own, refer topic "Synthetic page names" under section "Adobe Extensions" in EPUBBestPractices-1_0_3.epub) and to display page numbers aligned to printed copy when an epub file is viewed in ADE.


      Please help me to understand the problem area or can we ignore this error, since there is no problem in viewing this epub in Adobe Digital Editions?


      In OPF;

      <spine page-map="map" toc="ncx">
      <itemref idref="c001"/>