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    Problems creating a stroke around entire completed logo




      Am currently having trouble finishing off my logo.


      I need to be able to do a stroke around the entire logo so that when i cut it out i dont need to go right to the edge of the design (as it is for heat pressing on t-shirts).


      Only problem is I can't work it out. I've tried grouping it all then trying to create one stroke around the entire thing but it still wants to apply the stroke to individual items.Then I tried putting a copied layer behind and giving it a stroke but because it is filled with black it changes the colour of the blue. tried filling with white, but it creates halo's and shadows in the background. Ive set the transparency to block out the black behind as much as i can to try and eliminate the colour change problem. But its still not right.


      So the question is, can i create a stroke just around the outside of my completed logo?


      Have attached a pdf with two examples. One without anything and one with the copied layer behind and filled black so you can see the colour difference.


      Any help or suggestions would be fabulous.