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    Integration with two database - Transfer of data between two database

      Hi Guys,
      I am newbie for Adobe Air,
      I have to build an Adobe Air Application in SQlite Database.
      In that I user have to fill their info then this info has to be added directly to the SQL server automatically.
      This is something like to transfer data of sqlite to sql server.
      Is there any way to do this?
      OR Is it possible what I have think below.
      I hope you are getting what I am explaining.
      Please guide in brief for all the aspects.
      Below is my thoughts for this. you can suggest what you think.

      What I need to check with you here is whether we can web service the data straight from the AIR local database(SQLite) and directly into SQl Server 2005 Database,
      Whether need an Adobe Air based SQL database on the Sql Server receiving end, which is then checked and uploaded into SQL Server?