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    Variables in Illustrator




      Can anyone pls teach me what is variable in Illustrator, and what is the use of this and how to use. Is there any video guide for this. pls help.


      Thank you,

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          Tony_Wide Level 1

          thanks for sending this help... By practically how to use Variables. if you

          have any video pls share with me...

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            Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

            It is not really difficult once you have done one but needing this requires a workflow that requires it and you do need a script in most cases to out put it.


            However there is another use for variables say you have two hundred business for employees and need to reprint them from time to time. Instead of having two hundred documents you can have one with the two hundred variables instead. You can then output that by going down the list of variables until you get the one you need or if you are script savvy have a script that ask for the identity of the variable, in this case probably the name savvy and it will print that variable without you searching through the list.


            Setting up the variable is easy but seems like you are not doing anything at all because nothing actually seems happens.


            For instance you have a design for this business and you print them 6 up on a 8.5x11 sheet of paper you then select the info that changes say the name and go to the variable panel and make that a new text string variable then you go to say the phone number and make that a variable and so on.You then make that a data set.


            You then can save this document and export that data set as a variable library which will be a xml file.


            You can open the variable library in illustrator as a document t see what was written you can that copy and paste the data set and change the dataset name to say data set 2 instead of data set 1 then change the name of the person and then the phone number say you have ten new cards you can do this ten times and save the xml file then open the document and import that variable library and you go to the variable panel and all your data sets will be there and if you chose say data set 4 you will see the name is changed to reflect the contents of data set 4 that is the name of the person has changed and the phone number. You can do this with graphics as well.


            This can be done from a data base exported from excel of filemaker as an xml file and imported as a variable library but yu do need to know a thing or two about these applications and how to get them to export the data in the proper way.


            Now variables are really good if you know how to script them so that you can print all the variables or a range of them, but that is ouside the scope of Illustrator and the tools for this are not available in Illustrator. It is not likely it ever will be as the users who need this would either learn the scripting or hire an expert to do it for them as it makes financial sense for them.


            That is really all there is to it you kind of have to really think about this before you see how it works.

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              Tony_Wide Level 1

              Than you so much.....