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    how to fill canvas with lines

    venkateshk Level 1

      <mx:Canvas id="b1" x="10" y="10" height="40" width="300" borderStyle="solid" borderColor="black"/>

      when i want to draw lines with 15 pixels gap to fill the entire canvas i wrote as follows

                     for(var i:int=b1.x+15;i<b1.x+b1.width;i=i+15)
                          var line1:UIComponent = new UIComponent();
                          var lineThickness1:Number = 1;
                          var lineColor1:Number = 0x000000;
                          var lineAlpha1:Number = 1;

      it's working fine


      <mx:Canvas id="b4" x="600" y="200" height="60" width="300" borderStyle="solid" borderColor="black" rotation="40"/>

      I have the above canvas with id 'b4' only difference is that this canvas has the rotation

      how to fill this canvas with lines just i did above?