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    Problem exporting after editing with CS4


      Hi, All.

      I hope I can get some help here as I'm getting increasingly frustrated. I have been using PPro Ver 1.5 w/ Matrox hardware since 2004, and was doing well. I just upgraded to CS4 as I need to edit widescreen AVCHD, HDV and mix in higher end video with DV. Been at this for almost 2 months, but self-confidence waning.


      I have built my own editing Computer, hoping all the pain of waiting for rendering would be vastly reduced. Not true, or I am doing something wrong.

      My Specs are:

      System : Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. on an 80 Gig System disk with Program files;

      Mobo : Asus P5B-E with Intel Quad Core 9650 3Ghz CPU,

      Memory " 4 strips matched 2 Gig DDR2-800,

      Hard disks: 2x 640 Gig eSATA  as Raid 1 used for all editing files;

      2x Removeable hotswap 250G SATA for Captured video Job files;

      2x Fixed 160G IDE on a PCI card to contain Export files;

      The DVD Writer is an ASUS DRW-2024 Lightscribe SATA

      Video Card : Asus EAH3450 PCIe with 2 Sony Monitors attached via 15-pin RGB cable.

      On-board HD sound putting out to a 5.1 JVC Media Amplifier via digital coax.



      1. I cannot output the final product to Encore thru the Adobe Dynamic Link. No reaction at all!!

           I get error messages saying there is a compatibility problem, but no other explanation. So I hope to try another way, which is to turn out an AVI file, for each job, and burn to DVD with Nero 9. Not happening.


      2.  A simple 19 minute sequence after rendering will go via Media Encoder but will initially estimate over six hours to convert to Windows AVI, but the time will slowly ever-increase, and then freeze the mouse after an hour!


      I have three jobs waiting to be burned to DVD from a combination of 3 video tracks with 1 AVCHD and 2 DVCAM, and titles, but cannot get any further, mainly because of this problem I mentioned. Two of the jobs I have edited are music productions of about 2 hours. Can you imagine that the first time I tried to put it thru the Media Encoder I got an estimate of 79 hours to complete? I cannot believe this is the fault of CS4, and I am all out of ideas, having tried different combinations within Media Encoder.


      I just want to burn a Double sided DVD, preferably with 5.1 encoding, for each job, Not happening...


      I never had this problem with PPro V.1.5, and then... I had a simple single core Pentium 4, 3.2 Gig on an ASUS P5GDC-V !!


      Can you help suggest to me a better workflow more suited to the CS4? I am also getting poorer resolution than the shoot quality. 16:9 comes out skinny, too! I guess I am doing everything wrong....What should I be I doing different from the PPRo Ver, 1.5??


      Thanks in advance...



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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          It can be a multitude of things that cause this. I suggest you start with two things:


          1. Run the http://ppbm4.com benchmark test and submit the results to Bill (and possibly send the output.txt to me in a private mail or report here)

          2. Follow this link: Some suggestions and go to the second included link and supply the info requested, DXDIAG.txt etc.

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            MAX_Edit-Newbie Level 1

            Thanks Harm...


            I will do what you suggest as soon as this Media Encoder stops what it is doing for this 19 minute video... i.e. incrementing the Estimated Remaining Time slowly...  I started the AME 3 hours 15 mins ago. It's reached about the halfway mark in the orange bar, and NOW the Estimated remaining time is frozen at 3hrs 06 mins... while the Elapsed time counts up normally! The Mouse still freezes.


            It didn't do this a month ago, before I tried ingesting .MOD files (from a JVC hard disk camera) that I eventually couldn't read. After I got a hold of a disk with the original JVC MOD to AVI converter, I started uninstalling some of the trial converters i was using, like WM converter 2.0, Prism Video Converter, NCH Toolbox, and possibly their codecs . I thought the extra codecs were bothering the system... but it hasn't improved even after uninstalling them and delelting teh subdirectories, or Compacting the registry... I'll get back to you later... Thanks for your patience!





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              Harm Millaard Level 7



              Without having seen your setup in detail, I suggest you update your mouse drivers (especially if they are Intellipoint drivers) to the latest version.


              The seond thing is that you have installed all kinds of codecs and very often these wreak havoc on a system, because they are very difficult to remove. I hope this is not the case, but often the only way to resolve this is by a clean install of the OS and programs. If that happens to be the case, just remember to de-activate your Adobe installation prior to a clean install.

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                MAX_Edit-Newbie Level 1

                I actually DID a reinstall of CS4 with updates to 4.2, but I didn't know that one had to disable it before re-installing...

                I just re-installed OVER it... no change, still buggy... is that not done?


                The mouse is a PS2 Microsoft 83351-576 old wheel mouse... I Love it! but I guess it needs a driver check...

                I also use the Shuttle Xpress... no problem there, with the WIn 7 driver.




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                  MAX_Edit-Newbie Level 1

                  Hi, Harm...


                  1. Here's the Output.txt file after running the PPBM zip file.


                  2. I looked for the "second included link" and DXDIAG.txt, etc but did not find a question in the second item. Did I miss it?


                  Is it in :







                  3. Unless you need me to do something with the existing system as-is, unchanged;

                  to your suggestion of a clean install, I am planning to do this :


                  Deactivate CS4

                  -Replace the 80G PATA System Hard Disk with a 250G new PATA hard disk;

                  -Clean install of the Win 7 System and updates;

                  -Clean install of the Adobe CS4; and update to 4.2x;

                  -(followed by Nero 9, my backup CD/DVD burning software if Encore still doesnt work!);

                  -Activate CS4 .... etc.


                  I guess it's really basic, right?

                  Thanks for your patience.






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                    Harm Millaard Level 7

                    Mario, that is the correct approach.


                    If you want, you can submit the information requested in points 5 thru 8 of the second link, but if you do a clean install it is no longer necessary. BTW, where is the Output.txt file? Maybe you forgot to attach it.

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                      Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Normally I do this offline by private email but since it is in the forums, this analysis of mine is required to finish this thread.


                      Mario, forget about replacing your 80 GB PATA disk with another PATA disk.  You have 7 SATA ports on your motherboard.  My suggestion is get a Velociraptor 150 GB drive as your OS/Applications drive.  Then if you really want to some speed you could consider a RAID array on those other ports.  Those changes are what will reduce your AVI encoding time to single digits


                      No one buys PATA drives when they have SATA ports available. Why do you bother to have an extra disk interface board?


                      Your MPEG encoding time of 48 seconds is little high for a Q9650 How many processes are running before you fire up Premiere?  You should be able to reduce the number to in the 30's.  Default Win7 has about 70 running.  See the site that Harm turned me on to.  I would guess a good tuned system with your processor would be about lower 40's.


                      The last PPBM4 test Render Timeline I am having problems with it obtaining the correct answer.  I am working on revising my proceedures/script.  The range of acceptable answers is 12 seconds (Super Raid system and highly overclocked like Harm's) to less than 100 seconds for any reasonable two disk system.  Your score of 365 seconds is incorrect but not due to any error on your part.  Most of the time a retest with no activity going on at the same time and a quick save when it completes will get a correct answer.

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                        MAX_Edit-Newbie Level 1

                        Hi, Harm.


                        Thank for your immediate reply. I appreciate it.


                        I have to say I couldn't do exactly as written in the Procedure.rtf

                        When I Closed Premiere Pro CS4,

                        and opened Adobe Media Encoder,

                        I could not locate or import Benchmark.prproj on the hard disk!

                        So I RE-opened CS4 to the Benchmark, and did a


                        and then followed the Procedure.rtf  from item 8 of AME down.


                        After I sent the Output file off to you, I thought about it and realised that CS4 was loaded in memory at the time. Would that affect the results of the test?


                        Also, when editing, I usually direct all the other files to the SATA Raid as Scratch disk,

                        but when I looked at the Project settings, the scratch files there were set to the source location of the PPBM files, which was the PATA disk. Would that not result in a slower output?


                        Incidentally, the Mouse froze again while in AME... as you said, I may need to locate a new mouse driver. (So I guess I'ts not the SIZE of the file...)

                        Sorry if I'm going into what may seem irrelevant, but I just wanted to understand the flow of the test...








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                          MAX_Edit-Newbie Level 1

                          Hi, Bill...


                          Thanks for your input...

                          I realise from what you say and also from reading of similar problems in other links that I have to change a few things. I did use Raid, but it was Mirror, and not the fastest.


                          1. The 2x WD 640Gig Raid 1 on eSATA (D:\) that I have been using is the Green.- I changed that just now to 2x Hitachi 1TB SATA 3.0 GB/s and Striped those two as Raid 0;

                          2. I changed the pagefile to the (D:\) Raid 0 drive.

                          3. I shall get an SATA as my new system disk as you recommend.


                          If you note my last reply to Harm, I mentioned that I couldn't follow exactly the Procedure.

                          I tried again, but I could not import Benchmark after closing CS4!

                          [edited here]

                          (well, I was wondering WHY, until I stopped looking at the BIG "ADD..." button and actually went to File\Add... Premiere Pro Sequence..."!)

                          So I am doing the Benchmark again... with a cuppa hot coffee, and apologies to you. Procedures now followed to the letter!

                          [to here]

                          I  closed all other software running in the background too, so I dont know what else to do to speed things up drastically.

                          Just being able to speak about problems is appreciated. Thanks all, for your patience.



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