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    Mac projector file looking for movie




      I am using Director 11.5 and am having a problem with the Mac projector file.


      I am creating the files on a PC. I then copy the file across to the Mac.


      When I load the file and click on the first linked file it can't find it and keeps asking for the file.


      I have checked and double checked that the file is there in the Publish settings and that I have spelt it correctly.


      However everytime I click it asks for the Movie.


      Any ideas?





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          Hi Graham,


          1) How sad that no one has answered this post yet... I used to love Director but am now so disillusioned with the lack of documentation and support for it... that being said...


          2) I'm certain this answer is too simplistic to be helpful, but without knowing any more about your settings/etc., I can only offer the most obvious response: is there any chance that the path is the problem? Is the movie linked by an absolute path? When it asks for the movie, does it show a path (e.g., one that's on your pc but not your mac) where it's looking. I remember using relative paths with Director 8 and having to change the path to an @ to denote that it needs to be relative. That's my best guess for now.


          I hope that it helps just to have received a response, if you're even checking this post anymore... it has been a while since you wrote it.


          Best of luck... maybe it's time for all of us to move on to something else...