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    FB4 Beta2 does not include swz files


      When compiling a release Build, FB4 does not include the smaller swz files but bigger swf files (e. g. framework_4.0.0.10945.swf) instead. The swz files where included only a few time at the beginning of the project.

      I need to finish this project with the SDK.

      How can I let FB4 Beta 2 include and link to the framework etc. swz files?




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          David_F57 Level 5



          For the moment I would suggest that you use 'merge into code' rather than runtime libraries. After flashbuilder is released I would assume that the runtime libraries will be available online through Adobe, then it makes sense for applications that are used on a regular basis to use cached libraries, right now everytime you change a build you will also have a new set of libraries to upload/download, along with issues of libraries getting mixed up. SO rather than having to be concerend about a bunch of libraries being stored in the flashplayer cache you only have a single swf to think about.




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            vivoices Level 1

            Thank you David,

            I merged the whole framework into code and erverything works fine.