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    Possible Bug - Video frames jump around on exported movie but not on original


      Hi all,


      I've recently been using Premiere todo some basic video editing.


      When I output the final movie the frames seem to jump around and it looks really dodgy.  Check out the sample below and you'll see what i mean



      • The original source file for this clip plays fine (without any frame jumping) in all video playes, including the Premiere one.
      • I've tried outputting in pretty much every different type of video format available, but the frames still jump
      • I'm using Premiere CS4 and the original video was recorded on a Samsung Video camera, which uses the SEDG samsung codec.


      Has anyone ever seen anything like this before?  I've tried playing round with different settings, but still cant seem to get rid of the frame jerking.


      Any help would be grately appreciated.