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    clip events

    Robert Barr
      I have two movie clips on my timeline. On one the movie clips I have a mouseDown event. On the other one I don't. However, the mousedown seems to be working with both of the instances. They each have their own names and positions as well as layers. How can this happen?
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          a mouseDown event occurs every time the left mouse button is pressed regardless what object on the flash stage has focus. it's not often that you'll want to use a mouseDown method.

          i saw your solution to your problem in another thread that had a button that wasn't functioning because it was a child of movieclip that had mouse handlers defined. your parent movieclip is intercepting mouse events and the child button will not respond. your solution is not a good one as you may be now seeing.

          a better solution is to define mouse handlers only for objects in the youngest generation that needs handlers defined.

          so, define handlers for your button and on the same timeline as your button create another button (on a layer below your first) that covers everything that you want to respond to the mouse. define handlers for both buttons.