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    Convert DW based help system to RoboHelp

      I have inherited a help system that was created using Dreamweaver and a tool SurfmapJS (for the TOC). This SurfmapJS product/site went down in 2002, so adding new pages is quite a tussle considering that I know nothing about JavaScript.

      For my own good, I want to migrate this project to RH 6 and am looking for possible ways I can accomplish this task, hopefully with minimal rework and therefore in quickest possible time. There are about 100 HTML pages in this particular project and there are another 7 projects that have been designed in a similar fashion.

      Would appreciate the help.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Importing the topics should be OK. Start with a topic that has a table to make sure they convert properly.

          If Surfmap touches the topics, you may need to remove that before of after import.

          Sorry but this is one of those things you have to try. It will not touch the source files so there's nothing to lose. That said, still back up first.