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    64 Bit Codecs?


      A few weeks ago, I moved my PP CS3 from a Vista 32 bit machine to one with Windows 7 64 on it.  I am now finding that I have fewer and fewer import/export options.  H.264 seems OK and exports to Encore work fine but I have encountered other problems:


      ie. 1  Outputting from Boris Red 4.0 on another (32 bit) machine, my only  import option to PP CS3 that works is a Targa sequence.


      ie. 2  Today, I exported an Uncompressed AVI from the Win 7 64 bit machine, hoping to import it into my day-job Avid Media Composer.  All
      that resulted was audio and a white screen.


      As pointed out to me on another forum, this is probably due to the 32 bit codecs in use.  If so, are there any options available to me?  Should  I run my PP CS3 in 'XP SP3 Compatibility' mode?  Does CS4 offer 64 bit codecs?  ... or are there 3rd party codecs that I should be installing?



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          In general don't install third party codecs, unless you KNOW what you are doing. If you don't know, don't install, unless you like doing a clean and fresh install of OS and programs.


          There are no 64 bit codecs for PR, it still is a 32 application. You can try to run in XP SP3 mode, maybe that helps. The alternative is to upgrade to CS4.2.1 which IS supported under Win7.

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            EditorTB Level 1

            No, I wasn't going to install codecs ... just wondering what could be causing the white screen output and thought I might be overlooking something simple.