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    bitmap to vector becomes blurry



      I have converted a bitmap logo to a vector graphic in illustrator, but when I did so, the logo became blurry because it made a bunch of weird vector elements in strange colors that i have to delete by hand to change the logo so it looks more like it should. Is there a quick way or a setting I can use to make my logo more sharp when converted to vector graphic? My logo is in color. Thankful for all help!

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          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          Presuming you are using Live (or, even worse, Auto) Trace, you may get a lot of blurry/jaggy/otherwise funny parts of the appearance. The severity of this depends on the image you are starting with.


          The normal recommendation is to trace the image with the Pen Tool.


          But screenshots of image and traced image would help the helpers.

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            eleeli Level 1

            No neither one, I'm using Illustrator. Do you know how to fix it there?

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              Userbak610 Level 3

              Live Trace is a part of Illustrator and can be found under Object>Live Trace.


              Just HOW exactly are you creating this vector image? Give us a step by step and a screen shot wouldn't hurt.

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                Doug Katz Level 4

                Oh boy.


                eleeli, describe every step you used to convert your logo. From the point at which you got your logo into Illustrator in the first place to the point at which it was "converted." Describe the tools you used and what you did with those tools.


                Then Jacob will answer your question.


                By the way, he does know how to "fix it there." But he needs to know in much greater detail what you're looking at and how you got it to look that way.

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                  Junk Mailer Level 3

                  Definitely sounds like you used the Live Trace function in Illustrator. Personally, I've never put much stock in using Live Trace. At best, it can put you in the ball park (actually, more like down the street from the ball park), but you'll still have to do a lot of cleaning up and drawing with the pen tool to get quality results. I think too many people have lofty expectations for this tool and what it should be able to do. It always seemed kind of gimmicky to me.