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    Unable to update the styles within a component and its children


      I have this application which I changed to a canvas component.  When I had it as an application, I could change the loaded Style during run-time using the StyleManager class and the compiled CSS.  Since I changed it, I decided to embed the CSS style sheets.  Can you use the embedded style sheets to change the style during run-time?  The reason I am asking this is it's not working for me.


      Here's how I embedded the style sheets:

          // embed style sheets
          private var styleBlueTanCSS:Class;
          private var styleMintyCSS:Class;
          private var stylePlainCSS:Class;      
          [Bindable] private var styleSheetArray:ArrayCollection = null;


      Here's the code that does the loading of the initial style sheet:

           private function onPreinitialize(evt:FlexEvent):void
                var blueTanStyleSheet:StyleSheet = new StyleSheet;
                blueTanStyleSheet.parseCSS(new styleBlueTanCSS().toString());
                var mintyStyleSheet:StyleSheet = new StyleSheet;
                mintyStyleSheet.parseCSS(new styleMintyCSS().toString());
                var plainStyleSheet:StyleSheet = new StyleSheet;
                plainStyleSheet.parseCSS(new stylePlainCSS().toString());
                styleSheetArray     = new ArrayCollection(
                     {label:"BlueTan", data:blueTanStyleSheet},



      And, here's the code that changes the style sheet during run-time:

           private function changeSkin(styleSheet:StyleSheet):void
               var cssDec:CSSStyleDeclaration;
               var style:Object;
                for each(var styleName:String in styleSheet.styleNames) {
                   cssDec = new CSSStyleDeclaration(styleName);
                   for(var styleProp:String in style) {
                if (world) world.updateStyle();