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    Release date of Flex Builder 4 (Flash Builder)


      I spent few weeks to evaluate whether it's possible to adopt Flex as the platform to develop a new product of our company, and my answer is - yes.

      When I want to purchase Flex Builder 3, I found that Flex Builder 4 (Flash Builder) is availabe as public beta version. For our policy, I need

      to ensure the licensing policy of Flex Bulider 3 and Flex Builder 4. And I got to make a choice to adopt Flex solution:


      1. Purchase Flex Builder 3, and upgrade to Flex Builder 4 after release. I'm not sure the cost.

      2. Use Flex Builder 4 as trial/beta version. Once it releases, I could purchase it immedately.



      However, the decision will depend on the release date of Flex Builder 4. I'm not sure that it's possible to wait for the release of Flex Builder 4.

      Besides, our designer will use Flash Catalyst as major development tool, and Flex Builder 4 + Flash Catalyst will lead to better development flow

      (i.e., open and edit .fxp file)


      I'm not sure whether it's appropriate to post this question in this forum or not. If it's not, please inform me, I will delete this post.