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    How do I resolve the 'too many activations' on editions?


      I have been requesting a solution to this problem since September 2009 My submission casesw are 0202334756, 0181051710, 0202696874, 0181229170. I have recieved no positive response. One case was closed others as well with no response only aking for information which I submitted. I was informed now it is being passed on to higher authority again! I thought it wasw ok, bought £40 of books and then could not load them onto my Sony reader, due to thye same problem. I have telephoned at great expense to be told I had to go via the web portal.

      As you can imagine I am totally frustrated and cannot understand why Sony relies on such an unstable piece of software. This fgorum talks about re setting the count, but why is it necessary? Why can Adobe just rewrite the software to work correctly.