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    Need help specifying PDF folder location in Javascript


      We currently have a bit of Javascript that opens a PDF file when the user clicks the Open PDF button. The script is:


      //External link button function                     border=0></a> <script
      var ButtonID="PDF1";
      var View="User Guides\\WiMAX User Guide.pdf";

      document.writeln('<OBJECT CLASSID="clsid:ADB880A6-D8FF-11CF-9377-00AA003B7A11" ID="'+ButtonID+'" TYPE="application/x-oleobject">')
         document.writeln('<PARAM NAME="Command" VALUE="Shortcut">')
         document.writeln('<PARAM NAME="Font" VALUE="MS Sans Serif,10,0,,">')
         document.writeln('<PARAM NAME="Item1" VALUE=",'+GetCurrDir()+View+'">')


      The User Guides folder is within the Help folder where the CHM file is saved (so I have Help (where CHM files are stored)\User Guides (where PDFs are stored).


      One of the PDFs is now installed outside the Help folder in a folder that is at the same level as the Help folder. I can't seem to get my updated link to work. Is there a limitation on that requires that the PDF be within the same folder or beneath the folder where the CHM is saved? Is there a way to get this to work?