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    RichTextEditor bullets



      I was wondering if anyone could help me out with this. I have been unable to find a solution.


      Basically, I need to be able to change the colour of bullet points in the RTE, so that they are different to the text they are bulleting.


      The RTE seems to behave quite strangely with regards to bulletpoints. It loses the indentation when the HTML is exported and re-imported for instance. The main problem for the client is the colour of the bullets.


      It seems like you cannot select the bullet point directly. Changing the colour of a random letter in the text also changes the bullet colour.

      The position of this random letter changes each time you try.


      In this example, the bullet has turned #ffffff





      <FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE="40" COLOR="#000000" LETTERSPACING="0" KERNING="0">so<FONT COLOR="#FFFFFF">m</FONT>e text</FONT>





      If i do another line, with the same text, i could change the colour of a different letter and the bullet will change. There seems to be no rules to how it works.


      Could anyone give me some advice as to how to get a hold of the bullets?



      Thanks very much