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    How to remove CS4 Trial with PS CS4 and LR 2.6 Installed?

    Jim Strenk Level 1

      After reading several discussions on the subject, it would appear the following workflow should be followed:


      1 Log on as Administrator


      2 Use Uninstall Programs and select PPro CS4.  Allow the uninstaller to remove as much of PPro CS4 as it can.


      3 Use Adobe Cleanscript CS4 for Windows several times.


      More than likely, I would like to remove all data files produced by PPro CS4 and probably NOT INSTALL the FULL VERSION on this machine.  Other than looking in the My Documents Folder, where else should I be looking?  Will the procedures outlined above leave both PS CS4 and Lightroom 2.6 alone?


      I've got 2 days left on the Trial and wish to uninstall prior to deactivation.


      Any tips, suggestions, gotchas and errata would be most welcomed!