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    Topic structure using 'div' containers

    Dave McGovern Level 1

      Hi -

      I am currently using RH7. My primary output types are webhelp and printed documentation.


      This is an issue I've experimented with over the years and always abandoned as it seemed a bit too messy to accomplish in RoboHelp. I am embarking on a rewrite of my standards, so I am confronting it again.


      Basically, I want to use indentation to provide visual cues to the reader in my topics.  For example, the main section will be (almost) at the left margin, and a subsection will be indented from the left by a certain amount.


      Now if I have a paragraph style that I want to use in both the main section and the subsection, I think my choices are:

      1. Have duplicate styles, one for each level in my section hierarchy, to control the indenting:  mainStyleName, subStyleName, sub_lvl2_StyleName, etc.

      2. Use div containers and a single style


      I think using div containers is the natural way to accomplish what I want, but the RH interface has not struck me as div-friendly.


      I can code my CSS styles for the divs in a text editor, but then if I (or another writer on my team) wants to use the custom div style, it looks like manual HTML editing is required to strip out the default "text box" styling and apply the desired style from the CSS?  I do not see how to apply the style to the text box via the Styles dialog or dropdown.  (Unless I am missing something?)


      Apart from that, it seems to work OK in quick testing.  Are there any "gotchas" I should watch out for when using div tags to structure content in RH?