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    Flex Minimize Problem


      I notice that when I minimize a flex application (embedded in html wrapper; e.g., minimize the browser that the flex app is embedded in) and then maximize the application again, the data that had been previously displayed (say, in a data grid) disappears.  I read something about flex history management, but that seemed to imply that history is kept for tabbed applications.   Is there something I am missing?



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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          Are you using the default wmode?  Does it fail in a simple test case?  Did

          all of your columns collapse?

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            paraglidersd Level 1

            thank you for your response.  I created a simple test case using Flex Builder (application with a button that populates a flex data grid), ran it (from the FB 'run' menu and directly from the bin-debug directory), minimized it then maximized it and it behaved as you would expect (the data in the data grid remained after minimize/maximize operation). This is good.


            We are running flex applications within an application framework called Ozone.  I now realize that It is within Ozone that I experience the problem.  Taking that same simple text application that I created in FB and inserting it in to the Ozone framework, I experience the problem (minimize within the Ozone virtual desktop, than maximize it, data in the data grid is erased).  I notice that it 'seems' like when I maximize the populated test program the test program takes a while to render (hinting that it is going through the initialization process again).  I also tried to ensure that my html wrapper, both within FB and within my Ozone test, were the same.


            To answer the WMODE question, it was set to transparent.  Removing that from the Ozone test didnt seem to make a difference.


            Any suggestions would be helpful.


            thank you,