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    Rendering problems, please help.


      I've not found a similar problem, hence the new thread.


      So I edited a video in Premiere Pro. Basic editing, added an MP3 file, and cut a bunch of 1280x720 AVI clip to it.


      With that done I saved the project and then imported the Premiere Pro CS3 project to After Effects CS3 where I added some visual effects.


      Now here is my problem, I've tried various ways to do this but all failed. I want to render the video out to 1280x720, same quality as I imported it and same quality as the clips I used. I'd say there's maybe 500mb to 750mb worth of information in the clip.


      Now, if I try to render (Through Composition > Render Queue always) to an AVI file, same size and quality, I get a laggy 18Gb file with no sound.


      Most success I got was using MPEG-2 Blu-ray (The normal MPEG-2 didn't let me 720p for some reason), the quality was fine and the size great, but the audio and the video were separate files. I've tried Multiplex with MPEG-2 Blu-ray but that just gives me an error.


      Is there a way to render it as a single file video/audio, 1280x720, no compression or lost of quality?


      This is to put on Youtube, it'll be in HD.


      Please please help, any help will be appreciated.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You are using conflicting terms. MP3 is a lossy compressed audio format. If, as you say, they are small, your AVIs are compressed in some format, either, most likely HDV or AVCHD. So there can never be a format that can truly losslessly compress except for an Uncompressed AVI with 18 GB file size. Any other options will add a second pass of compression, regardless of what you do, i.e. quality will never be "as imported". With careful settings you may prevent excessive recompression at best, but not avoid it alltogether. As to the specific problem at hand - have you tried just the plain H.264 Export? Quicktime with H.264 CoDec? If you have, what were your settings for data rates etc.? If not, please try this.



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            MetalRedDragon Level 1

            I've figure it out, I took my m4v and wav file I got from AE's Mpeg-2 Blu-ray render and placed them in Premiere Pro. I then exported that to Quicktime, I got a file just under a gig and with only slight quality lost. It'll work like that, I'm pretty sure it's impossible to get no quality lost whatsoever anyway.


            Thank you for the quick response Mylenium, I appreciate it.