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    Problems exporting and playback the MPEG2-DVD videos, from .MP4 file!

    Horsepower0171 Level 1

      I have PremiereProCS4 v.4.2.1 installed on this PC:


      OS:WindowsXPProx64Bit; CPU:IntelCore2Quad Q9650; RAM:4GB DDR2 PC2-6400 Kingston; HDD:3x500GB WestrnDigital Caviar Green; VGA: Sparkle GeForce 9400GT 512MB.


      I have downloaded an AVCHD file .MTS 1920x1080p 25p, made by Canon HF100 AVCHD camcorder, from this source (.rar file):



      The videos in question called: "25pf_1.25_f1.8.MTS" playback and export from Premiere as MPEG2-DVD very well.

      I playbacked it on Premiere on the second Monitor as "OutputDevice". All Ok.

      I playbacked also the DVD made with EncoreCS4, on the external DVD set-top-box-player. All OK.


      I downloaded also another clip 1080p 25p, converted as .mp4, from the same author, imported then in Premiere with Preset "XDCAM EX 1080p 25p" (470MB) :




      No problems with playback.

      Exported as MPEG2-DVD PAL "Lower Field First".

      Opened in NeroShowTime Player: the video have a serious interruptions of the playback, some moments plays back-and-forward, and it isn't fluid at all!

      I tried to create a DVD with EncoreCS4 and played it with DVD Player set-top-box, and the result is bad, and is the same as the playback on my PC with NeroShowTime Player. It present the back-and-forwars interruptions.


      I tried also to create an AVCHD Project 1080p 25p and import the .MP4 file, but the problem persists !

      After exporting them, and played-back on NeroShowTime and on Set-Top-Box Player, the video have strange behavior, and plays back-and-forward!



      1) What Preset in Premiere should I use to editing, for this .MP4 file format, (filmed with Canon HF100 AVCHD and converted from original .MTS format to .MP4 format)?

      2) Is this a transcoding problem?

      3) Is this an exporting MPEG2-DVD PAL field-order issue?


      This is my bad exported MPEG2-DVD converted file, available for downloading:




      Strange! With .MTS files I haven't any exporting problems at all!


      Please response me hurry!

      Many Thanks!