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    Fatal Exception Error During Conversion

    dm_gpc Level 1

      RH - Version

      Windows XP Pro. V2002 service pack 3


      Using Subversion Control

      I use StatCounter to track the number of web hits. There is JavaScript code in each topic.


      In RH7 I would sometimes receive the Exception message box shown below. I would click OK and never had any issues.


      During conversion from RH7 to RH8, I received the Exception message box again. After about a minute I received the Fatal Exception message box.



      Has anyone encountered these messages during conversion?


      If I click OK on the Exception box first and then OK on the Fatal Exception box RH stops working. I had to use Task Manager to close RH. If I reopen the project, my topics have footers in the headers, and other issues.


      If I reverse the process, the project continues with conversion and I don't encounter footers in my headers. I have no idea what if anything else to expect to go wrong in the project. I am wishing that I could go back to RH7.



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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          I suspect that something just needs a tweek to get things working although the fact that an error was thrown in RH7 would indicate that things were not exactly 100% even before the upgrade to RH8. Unfortunately I am not a Javascript expert but the fact that the problems in RH8 seem to be related to the header and footer I wonder if it may be worth inserting the Javascript in the body of the topic. It may have been placed there in RH7 but I wonder whether the conversion has placed it somewhere else. Just a thought.


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