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    dinamically adding View to Viewstack and all inputboxes are gone

    levancho Level 3



      this kind of issue have annoyed me before, but still have not gotten to the root cause of it, it seems to be a flaw in the way flex handles linking I guess, and most  of the  time there is silence on this kind of questions, so I am hoping someone will shed light on my question,


      here is the problem :


      I have following code:

      var definition:Class = MyViewClass;
      var myInstance:SuperView = new definition();


      MyViewClass extends SuperView 


      code works, and view gets added to viewstack, ( I have ommited code that checks if its already part of viewstack) anyways, issue I

      am facing is that even though child gets added to view stack and I can show it, all of its controls are missing, specifically all inputboxes,

      comboBox dropdowns act like labels, somethinng is serioulsly messed up in styling I guess but I

      cant seem to figure out what it can be.

      I have many other views that do have those controls that show up fine but those views are chindlren of that viewstack via MXML code,

      only dinamic children loose controls.

      all advices would be appreciated