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    bit of help uploading site please

    cripaustin Level 1

      hi. I have read the information on DW site upload to remote but I'm still stuck.

      I have been given the following information:


      ftp: (well not exactly that but it's the same concept)

      and the site is mysite.com

      and the host site is hostsite.com


      which one here is the FTP host and which one is the host directory?


      Thank You.

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          The first two can be the FTP address.  I would check with your host though because if you are on a shared account without a dedicated IP then only #2 would work.


          As far as the directory, none of them are.  Hosts can set you up with different directories.  It would typically be a folder on your account named "public_html" or "www".  It varies from host to host.  If you contact your host or login via a web-based solution that they may already have setup for you, then you should be able to gather this information.

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            mhollis55 Level 4

            Call your web host. Tell them you are using Dreamweaver. Pull down Site>Manage Sites and click on Edit. Switch from Basic to Advanced. Click on Remote Info.


            Leave Access alone, it should say FTP.

            With your web host on the phone, fill in FTP Host

            Host Directory




            Ask if they support SFTP.


            Make sure "Maintain synchronization information" is checked. Don't check anything else.


            Click the TEST button beside your Login.


            Dreamweaver should tell you that it connected successfully. If it doesn't go over what your web host gave you with them on the telephone.


            Good web hosting companies know Dreamweaver and they'll walk you through everything. If they won't, you don't want them hosting your site because if anything bad happens, they won't support you.


            Do these steps and your problem will be solved and the second website you upload will be very easy.

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              cripaustin Level 1

              ok thank you very much. worked first time with public_html.