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    Possible to pan and scan HD video with your home editing software?? (HD -> SD size)

    audio90 Level 1

      Hi, using Premiere Elements 7 on WinXp and also on Win 7.


      I wonder if it's possible for us to do a pan and scan type process with our HD video? I ask because someone gave me some footage from the weekend where the composition was way too wide and large and I'd like to save the video, composed better, an SD quality.


      Given the pixel resolution it should be possible. I know that's how they convert 35mm film to fit TV, but when it comes to video, can Premiere do it?


      I can crop video in premiere but it will save the video at the same resolution, but all pixelized and looking wonky. How would I save 1080i video pan and scanned to 720 (p) or regular SD (640) which will still look decent on Youtube.


      Here is an example (note, I also squeezed the footage to 97% horizontally first)



      Can anyone give a tutorial?