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    return value from Indesign SErver CS4 using SOAP


      does anybody have a complete example on how to send a script to indesign server and get a response using SOAP in ASP.NET


      I've already read the post http://forums.adobe.com/message/2255207#2255207 and all links within this post, but I can't seem to get it working.


      I'm running on a widows 7 ultimate x64with a Q6600 processor and 4Gb of memory (so I meet the system requrements )


      I can send a script to the server, butI always get a response of null. I use the folloing script to test this function(javascript)


         function main(){return 'test';}main();
      /*function main() {
      var doc = app.open(File('C:/Users/Wesley/Desktop/myTestDocument.indd'));
      doc = doStuff(doc);
      doc.exportFile(ExportFormat.PDF_TYPE,new File('C:/Users/Wesley/Desktop/test.pdf'));
      var pages=doc.pages.length;
      return pages;

      function doStuff(doc) {
      // do some stuff
      return doc;

      main(); // the return statement in this function actually gets returned*/


      when I run this code in ExtendScript CS4, the script runs fine, but I found out that ES4 sends the script through COM.


      Are there any know issues with IndesignServer x64 or it's related IndesignServerService?


      all help is welcome


      kidn regards,



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          I forget where I read it in the documentation, but somewhere it said that the return value from a SOAP call will be the last variable which is referenced.  It struck me as very strange, as it would seem more reasonable/intuitive to have the value come from a “return” statement.  At any rate, here is a very basic example in C#:


          Contents of basic.jsx:


          var verybasic = "Cs4 server has returned a value";



          C# method call:


          //setup a new RunScript call

          InDesignServer.Service indsRs = new InDesignServer.Service();

          InDesignServer.RunScriptParameters myParams = new InDesignServer.RunScriptParameters();


          //set the general attributes

          myParams.scriptLanguage = "javascript";

          myParams.scriptFile = @"D:\CS4Scripts\Conversion\basic.jsx";


          string errorString = "";

          InDesignServer.Data scriptResults = null;


          //Make the call

          int rsRet = indsRs.RunScript(myParams, out errorString, out scriptResults);

          if (rsRet != 0)


                      throw new Exception("Error with InDesign Server Script");




                      //you can replace this with an asp.net specific call like Response.Write() or whatever else

                    // and you should see the text "Cs4 server has returned a value" displayed