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    List and variableRowHeight


      I have a list component with the variableRowHeight property set to true. This works fine when the application loads.  However, when I resize the window or scroll up or down, this property seems to set back to false.  I have a work around for this:


      <mx:List dataProvider="{ac}"  variableRowHeight="true"  scroll="{this.tweetList.variableRowHeight=true}" ></mx:List>


      The scroll event fixes the scroll problem.  I also have an resize listener on the window that when triggered sets the variableRowHeight to true as well.  This seems to be a sloppy way to fix this problem, so I have tried to make a custom class that overrides the List class and sets variableRowHeight to true all the time.  I have no success.  Any ideas on how to get this to work?