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    Flex Component with BAD Flicker

    William Spence Level 1

      I have been making Flex Components in Flash with no problems, but I suddenly have one that I can't figure out.  I am making a set of buttons that expand about 30% in the over and down states.  So they are about 55x55 pixels in the up state, and 74x74 pixels in the over and down states.  Because I did not want objects moving around due to the resizing of the buttons, I created a boundingBox instance that is 55x55 pixels for each of these components.  My understanding is that with this boundingBox instance, that the button can resize to the 74 x74 pixel size without causing other elements to shift their positions.  So what happens is that if you mouse over the button, it resizes as it should, but if you mouse over a part of the boundingBox instance that does not include any of the button on it, it just starts flickering between the up and over states at a very fast rate.  Any thoughts as to what I am missing?





      Here is my timeline:



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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          I would think you'd want your boudindg box to be 74x74

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            William Spence Level 1

            I thought about that.  Does a boundingBox have to encompass your button at it's full size?  My understanding is that you could blow something up larger than your original component size, and stop it from reshifting other elements by including a bounding box.  But then I got to thinking that a button is an interactive element that depends on mouseovers and having an element shift outside of the bounds of the box could cause unpredictable behavior.  Is this correct?  If I want a button that behaves predictably, do I need to keep it inside of the boundingBox?