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    Font Capture: AcroRd32.exe - Application Error

    si876 Level 1

      Hello Everyone,


      I am currently having an issue with Adobe Reader 9.1 were the application will not run when you try and start reader you get the follow error message:


      Font Capture: AcroRd32.exe - Application Error
      The instruction at "0x0802fef9" referenced memory at "0x0000000c". The
      memory could not be "read".


      Click on OK to terminate the program
      Click on CANCEL to debug the program
      OK Cancel


      I found the following information in regards to this error however it didn't solve the issue.


      Clear temp file

      Clear adobe arc files

      check for spyware and virus

      uninstall and and reinstall the app

      replacing fonts folder in win dir

      New profile for the user


      If you have any information on this issue please comment solution